2020/2022 Committee Members
Education Service Commission

Adviser : YBrs. Haji Md Radzi bin Hashim
Chairperson : YBrs. Puan Wan Haliza binti Wan Hassan
Deputy Chairperson : -
Secretary : Mrs. Tipong Entusan
Assistant Secretary : -
Treasurer : Mrs. Zaharah binti Jasmi
Assistant Treasurer : Mrs. Siti Khuzaimah binti Abdul Kahar
Auditor : Miss. Nor Azwa binti Zawawi

Committee Members

Social Activities and Excursions : -
Sports : Mrs. Tipong Entusan
Welfare : Mrs. Nor Emizializa binti Mohamed Marizi
Education : Mrs. Nur Fuzira binti Mohd Pazilah
Religious Affairs : Mrs. Siti Noor Maishasiela binti Azmi
Entrepreneurship : -
Membership and Publicity : -


ajk puspanita


Activities of ESC PUSPANITA Sub-Branch

1. PUSPANITA activities in 2011 Muat Turun
2. PUSPANITA activities in 2012 Muat Turun
3. PUSPANITA activities in 2014 Muat Turun
4. PUSPANITA activities in 2015 Muat Turun
5. PUSPANITA activities in 2016 Muat Turun
6. PUSPANITA activities in 2017 Muat Turun
7. PUSPANITA activities in 2018 Muat Turun
8. PUSPANITA activities in 2021 Muat Turun

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