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  1. OKU Icon and others - Facilities for Persons with Disabilities (OKU) to change the font size, colour of the portal and language options.
  2. Main Menu -  Display the main menu list found in the Education Service Commission Malaysia (ESC).
  3. Search - Enable users to do information search in the Education Service Commission Malaysia (ESC) portal.
  4. Sosial Media, Webmail, RSS - links to official social media for ESC (Facebook, Twitter, Webmail & RSS).
  5. Logo - Display the logo and statement of the Education Service Commission Malaysia (ESC).
  6. Main Banners - Main banner for public announcements.
  7. Personalization - Contains a special link for General Public, Civil Servants and ESC Personnel.
  8. Announcement - Display latest information for Announcement.
  9. Latest News - Display latest news at Education Service Commission Malaysia (ESC) Portal.
  10. Job Applications, Online Service, Circulars - Contains about information regarding the services offered by the Education Service Commission (ESC) and the latest circulars.
  11. Activity Calendar / Tender / Quotation / Media - Display latest programme/activity, tender notice, quotation results and picture galleries.
  12. Function - Displays the functions of the Education Service Commission (ESC).
  13. Links to other Agencies - Displays links to other agencies associated with the Education Service Commission (ESC).
  14. Address, Poll, Prayer Time dan Hot Topics - Display the address of the Education Service Commission (ESC) headquarters, polls regarding the portal, prayer time and popular articles.
  15. Copyright & Display - The All Rights Reserved Statement of the Education Service Commission Malaysia (ESC) as well as the Disclaimer, Security Policy, Privacy Policy and Site Map links. The statement is displayed for the best browser to browse the portal, total visitor & date of updates.

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