checked1 Recruitment of Education Service Officers (ESO)/Higher Education Officers (HEO) will be completed  within eight (8) weeks from the date of application.
checked1 Recruitment of Member of Executive Group (MoEG) will be completed within ten 10 weeks from the date of  application.
checked1 Result for  Education Service Officers (ESO)/Higher Education Officers (HEO) will be released within  four (4) weeks from the final date of all interview sessions.
checked1 Result for the Member of Executive Group (MoEG) will be released within six (6) weeks from the last final date of all zone interview sessions.
checked1 Notification of the results on the confirmation of appointment to be within two (2) weeks from the date the acceptance offer package is received. 
checked1 Notification of the results of Service Confirmation (PDP), Extension of Trial Period (PTP) and Conferment of Pension Status (PTB) to be within six (6) weeks from the date the certification/verification is received.
checked1 Letter of notification regarding the Commission’s General Disciplinary Action to be issued to officers within eight (8) weeks after the representative action of the officer, and after the Head of Department's comments and complete relevant documents are received.
checked1 The Disciplinary Action Appeal Letter is issued to the officer within six (6) weeks after the appeal letter and complete relevant documents are received.
checked1 Notification of acceptance of complaint received via email within one (1) working day
checked1 Feedback on complaints given within five (5) working days.
checked1 Bill payments paid within 14 days of receiving complete billing.
checked1 Ensuring at least 95% availability of access to the Official Portal of the Education Service Commission.
checked1 Minutes of the Commission's Meeting to be distributed within seven (7) working days after the date of the meeting.
checked1 Policy decisions to be uploaded into the e-Ruling system within three (3) working days after the minutes of the Commission Meeting are ratified.

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