The Public Officers (Appointment, Promotion and Termination of Service) Regulations 2005 stipulate that:

The commission shall determine the starting salary of an officer. If the officer being appointed for the first time has relevant experience for the position he is to hold, he may be given a higher starting salary based on one movement of the normal salary for each full year of experience. Experience considered as relevant for an officer in the Professional and Management Group includes the experience gained after the officer has received a professional or academic qualification as specified in the service scheme.

  1. Determining the starting salary of an officer who has not been confirmed but is later appointed to another service scheme; and
  2. Determining the starting salary of an officer who is reappointed after termination of employment or dismissal

If an officer who has been confirmed and is subsequently appointed to another service scheme, the starting salary of the officer shall be one salary scale higher as may be determined by the commission. The commission may determine that the starting salary for a candidate or officer to be appointed shall be any salary scale for a particular position after taking into account:

  1. Special qualifications or aptitude of the candidate or officer to be appointed; or
  2. Special circumstances relating to the appointment of the candidate or officer to be appointed.

Personnel who have been confirmed in service and subsequently appointed to another scheme of service may be offered higher starting salaries near the P1 salary scale of the new salary matrix. If the difference is less than one normal salary movement in the previous grade, the salary may be fixed at a higher salary scale near the P1 salary scale of the new salary matrix.

Awarding a Salary Increase to Graduate Education Service Officers of Grade DG41 who have been Appointed from among the Post-Diploma Education Service Officers

Based on service circular no. 20 of 2007, the government has resolved to grant a salary increment to Graduate Education Service Officers of grade DG41 who are appointed from amongst Post-Diploma Education Service Officers of grades DGA29, DGA32, DGA34 and DGA38.

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